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The word aromatherapy is derived from the Greek language meaning fragrance (aroma) and treatment (therapy).

This alternate medicine dates back centuries to ancient civilizations like the Romans, Persians or Chinese who burnt incense to ward off evil, initiate meditation and promote spiritual well being, the Egyptians who used  oils such as frankincense, juniper, cedar-wood, cinnamon and nutmeg in their quest for immortality.  Through the ages chemists and pharmacists have processed plant extracts into essential oils by cold press extraction, carbon dioxide extraction or the most popular method being steam distillation.  Once the essential oils are processed, the oils can be used in various products not only for medicine, but for household cleaners, food products, cosmetics and perfumes too.

In more recent times, the controlled use of aromatherapy oils used in conjunction with massage, aids healing and relaxation through theraputic physiological and psychological techniques.  These essential oils help activate the olfactory and limbic system by absorption of oils through the skin enabling the body to heal and relax naturally, giving a sense of spiritual well being.

Overall aromatherapy is a beneficial and effective method of relieving stress, depression, colds, sleep disorders and much more.  Aromatherapy has also seen improvement in areas such as circulation, easing respiratory and digestive ailments as well as alleviating body aches.